How we started building kids climbing walls

Toddler on her Lil Boulder kids climbing wall at home

It all started with a 2-year-old girl named Safa who was learning to explore the world and her abilities by climbing. Like many 2-year-olds, Safa was climbing on everything - bookshelves, furniture, kitchen counter-tops, you name it! Her parents were a little scared for her safety. But there was no stopping her from climbing. She loved it! Her little smile and cheer when she made it to the top was priceless.

For her 3rd birthday, her family got together to do something special for her. They decided to get Safa a home climbing wall, so she could continue to learn and grow through climbing, safely!

But it wasn’t as easy as they thought! Her family spent hours and hours looking to buy a kids climbing wall online, only to find that they cost thousands of dollars and looked like they were made for a gym! While researching, they stumbled upon some people building their own walls, and decided that they would make a climbing wall for Safa themselves.

After many more weeks of research, countless trips to Home Depot, and weekends spent sanding...

Sanding DIY kids climbing wall

and drilling...

Drilling DIY kids climbing wall

and painting...

Painting DIY kids climbing wall

The wall was finally done, just in time for Safa's birthday!

Safa absolutely loved her climbing wall!!! Check out her first time on the wall on our Instagram!

It's been two years since, and Safa has grow into a confident kindergartener who loves climbing! Every time she has friends over for play dates, their parents inevitably ask about the amazing climbing wall too!

And so, Lil Boulder was born…

Kid loves her new home climbing wall

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